LAMITAN CITY: Petition eyed to remove vice mayor from office PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 13:46

LAMITAN, Basilan — Petition for recall or removal from office against Lamitan City Vice Mayor Arleigh Eisma for loss of confidence is now being considered by 43 out of 45 barangay chairmen after the latter voted against the approval of a resolution granting authority to Mayor Roderick “Oric” Furigay to enter into a loan agreement in the amount of P300 million with the Land Bank of the Philippines to finance the so-called 25 projects guaranteed to uplift the lives of Lamitenos.

Last Monday, Liga ng mga Barangay President Mannan Sumampil called a meeting with its members in which the focus of discussion was the action of the six councilors who voted against the resolution and the negative vote of Eisma that was made to break the tie.

In a mobile phone interview, Sumampil said the 41 barangay chairmen have signified their intention  to support the move to recall Eisma should there be no consideration be made in today’s city council session. Two other barangay chairmen arrived late in the meeting.

Late afternoon of the same day, Sumampil said he invited Vice Mayor Eisma in his office in a separate meeting with barangay chairmen. Thirty nine of the 45 chairpersons attended.

In the meeting, Eisma was asked by the chairmen present to reconsider his vote and probably urge councilors to introduce the matter in today’s regular session.

“We also informed him about our move. Our reason is loss of confidence. The projects enumerated by the mayor are all beneficial to Lamitenos. We told him to respect our resolution supporting Mayor Furigay’s projects,” Sumampil said as he saluted Eisma for honoring their invitation and committed to discuss the matter with the six other councilors who voted against the resolution sponsored by Councilor Joaquin Puri Jr.

In fact, Sumampil stressed, some of the barangay chairmen have already prepared their petition to recall against Eisma in their own respective community.

Before the resolution seeking authority from the council for Furigay to enter into a loan agreement with LBP, the Liga ng mga Barangay adopted a resolution of their own supporting the plan “for we believe that it would surely benefit the Lamitenos.”

Among those priority projects are the construction of 2-storey Infirmary Hospital, 2-storey Shopping Center, Mini-Gymnasium, Senior Citizen Building, School Buildings for Madraza, Water Reservoir, construction of Engineering Motor Pool building, construction of 40 unit Market Stalls for Agricultural Products, Multi-purpose Covered Court, the concreting of the 45 barangay roads, rehabilitation of the farm to market road and the improvement of the street lights.

Part of the P300 million, Furigay said, will be used for the acquisition of 50 barangay emergency service vehicles, acquisition of lot for garbage landfill, acquisition of sea ambulance, the purchase of five new garbage trucks and one backhoe and pay loader. — Jimmy Villaflores