Inventor dubs Zambo as ‘City of Love’ PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 February 2012 13:44

Singer-comedienne Nanette Inventor, who visited the city for a Valentine concert at a local hotel Tuesday, appeared mesmerized by the beauty and progress of Zamboanga which she dubbed as “City of Love.”

“The people of Zamboanga are so loving. . . parang ang sarap tumira dito. I can sense it. As a comedian, you are very observant and very sensitive to a lot of things and you feel and see in the eyes of the people who they really are,” Inventor told reporters shortly after paying Mayor Celso Lobregat a visit Monday afternoon in City Hall.

“That is why I was saying that this should be called the ‘City of Love.’ There are just too much loving people here and it shows from the mayor down the line,” the singer-comedienne said.

“Sobra, ang daming pagbabago… lalong gumanda,” she exclaimed when asked how she observed Zamboanga now compared to her first visit to the city five years ago when she also had a show upon the invitation of City Health Officer Rodel Agbulos.

“Doon pa lang I was very happy already because I saw Pasonanca Park and the many beautiful places. Right now I am on my way to Fort Pilar and most of all, the pasalubong center (Plaza del Pilar),” Inventor said as she was craving for biscocho.

“Ang sarap ng biscocho… I have a taste of it in the mayor’s office and also the wonderful gifts I got from him (Lobregat),” she said.

The singer-comedienne performed Tuesday night in a show entitled “Un Noche de amor y alegria junto con Nanette Inventor na Ciudad de Zamboanga” as a Valentine offering for the people of Zamboanga at the Garden Orchid Convention Center.  — Vic Larato