Paseo top spot for lovers on V-Day PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 February 2012 13:49

As expected, Paseo del Mar stood out to be the No. 1 choice among hundreds of  lovers, friends and family members as they dined and unwind the night away on Valentine’s Day, observed by many—Christians and Muslims alike, as a celebration of love and affection between lovers.

As early as sunset, lovers from all ages trekked to Paseo del Mar and settled comfortably on the benches by the sea as they enjoyed gazing at the sun that was slowly vanishing from the horizon, while exchanging pleasantries and reminiscing good old memories and romance.

By nightfall, Paseo del Mar, one of the city’s prime tourist spots aside from Plaza del Pilar, RT Lim Boulevard and Jardin Maria Clara in Pasonanca, was virtually transformed into a paradise, when lovers and promenaders alike filled the restobars until the wee hours of the morning.

It was a sight to behold as if Cupid, the god of love represented as a cherubic boy with wings and a bow and arrow in the Roman mythology, turned Paseo del Mar into romantic place for lovers on Valentine’s Day.

Since it was opened to the public on July 10 three years ago, Paseo del Mar has become a melting pot of people who come in groups—either as a family, group of friends or couples or office mates to taste the food, enjoy the ambience or enjoy each other’s company.

Mayor Celso Lobregat, who frequents the Paseo del Mar and other attraction sites in the city during spare time, was overwhelmed by the people’s spontaneous display of fondness to Paseo del Mar. 

He said the number of people that flock to the Paseo del Mar everyday is proof that the people appreciate the projects being done by the local government. This is the reason why, he said, his administration is undertaking more initiatives to further improve the facility.

Paseo del Mar is considered one of its kind because of its architecture combined with the location near the Fort Pilar Shrine and the fabulous seafront view. A total of 14 stalls or concessionaires offering a wide variety of food and beverages are located inside the two-hectare recreational park. It is also equipped with permanent comfort rooms and wider pavement for better paseo experience.

Very soon, Paseo del Mar will level up the excitement of its patrons once the construction of the musically gyrating fountain is completed. Other improvements are also ongoing like the construction of the multi-purpose exhibit building, expansion of parking space, and the soon to be constructed natural aquarium. — Vic Larato