Agan hopeful City Hall to bare details of city’s money deposited in bank PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 February 2012 13:50

District 2 Councilor Rommel Agan has expressed high hope that sooner City Hall will furnish them the details of the time deposit of the city government funds deposited in the bank.

In last week’s regular session, a resolution was approved unanimously by members of the City Council  present courtesy of Councilor Agan asking the City Treasurer’s Office, through the Office of Mayor Celso Lobregat, to provide the legislative body the details of the time deposit account of the city government.

So as not to be misinterpreted as politicking, District 1 Councilor Melchor Rey Sadain supported Agan’s resolution for the other councilors to go along by making it clear that the intention is for the City Council to be able to know the unimplemented projects and find out whether these are still implementable.

“Our intention is really to find out if the projects are still implementable in the present time so that funds intended for the purpose could be reverted back to the general funds for other important and doable projects,” Sadain clarified during the session when this topic was briefly discussed in the other matter.

“We don’t intend to use this against anybody. Ours is for the huge amount in the bank to be used for projects that would surely benefit the Zamboanguenos,” Agan said.

No less than the senior member of the Council Councilor Abdurahman Nuno expressed support to the resolution saying that he himself is also very much interested to know about those unimplemented projects.

With the approval of the 2012 Annual Budget, the money deposited in the government bank, including the existing time deposit has pegged at more than P3 billion, Agan said.

In simple mathematics, Agan said, the more than P2 billion time deposit, if shared equally to the 98 barangays, each will receive at least P24 million worth of projects. — Jimmy Villaflores