3 swindlers pretending as faith healers nabbed PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 19 February 2012 14:50

Policemen under City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo arrested three swindlers  pretending as faith healers who had victimized several people of millions of pesos worth of jewelry.

De Ocampo identified the suspects as Analie Sali, 36, alias Ester, her husband Yahiya Sali, 36, both of Sangali and the former’s step-mother Erminda Saladain, 50, of Talon-Talon.

The couple was arrested in Sangali last Friday and Saladain was nabbed yesterday.

Police said the trio have victimized several people including a prominent politician and his family.

Police estimated P5 million to P10 million worth of jewelry were taken by the suspects from their victims in different occasions.

Investigation Section chief, Sr. Insp. Joel Tuttuh disclosed that the suspects had pretended to be faith healers and had used a fancy and tricky ritual to rob their victims of jewelry items.

The suspects would offer their service to heal a sick member of a family through the ritual and prayers. They would ask the victim for jewelry to be mixed with rice and wrapped in a green cloth which was used in the ritual.

After the ritual, the suspects would bury the green cloth with the rice underground,  but the jewelry items have been taken surreptiously by them without the victim seeing it. 

The suspects would issue warning on the victim not to dig out the cloth otherwise their relatives will die.

Another modus operandi was for the suspects to order their victims to throw another piece of towel with rice and jewelry into the sea purportedly to heal their victim.

Most of the victims later realized that they were swindled and robbed after  they dug the cloth and found out that their jewelry were not there anymore.
Police discovered that some of the jewelry items of the victims were already pawned in the different pawnshops while others remain missing. — Dan Toribio Jr.