Swindlers’ victims urged to come forward, file charges PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 February 2012 13:59

Police have called on all other victims of three swindlers who pretended as faith healers to come forward and file charges against the latter.

City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo disclosed that they are waiting for other people who were victimized by couple Yahiya Sali and Analie Sali and her step-mother Erminda Saladain for the additional filing of charges against them.

De Ocampo said the suspects were taken to the City Prosecutor Office last Saturday for inquest for violation of large scale estafa. They availed of the 15-day waiver and were detained at the police station.

The police director said that aside from complaints from the victims, including a prominent politician who executed sworn statements against the suspects in filing of the case, other victims who have not yet learned of the arrest of the trio, can still visit the police station and execute their sworn statements for the additional charges in court.

De Ocampo said that the case against the suspects will be heavier if all the other victims will file case against the trio.

The couple was arrested at dawn last Friday while Saladain was nabbed last Saturday morning.

The trio were arrested after they have swindled and robbed several prominent people of jewelry pieces in a new swindling scheme targetting rich and sick people who are seeking unconventional treatment of their disease.

The trio would offer their service to heal a rich and sick person and would perform ritual and prayers supposedly to cure him/her. They would ask a victim to get a cup of rice and several pieces of jewelry which are wrapped in green cloth that would be buried underground. But before burying the wrapped cup, the suspects have already taken the jewelry surreptitiously. — Dan Toribio Jr.