Valesco promotes rural tourism, lauds Lumayang PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 February 2012 14:02

Councilor Gerky Valesco, who made it a point to visit one barangay a week to evaluate the tourism potentials of each place, said Lumayang is setting up the phase by gearing up for Zamboanga’s rural tourism.

Lumayang, less than 20 kilometers away from the city proper, has a scenic location and now offers the fast becoming admired destination such as the Monte Santo. Now on its full swing, the place offers a picturesque retreat location at the grotto on a hill with a panoramic view of the city below.

“I am very happy that the residents of Lumayang are one in realizing the vision of their barangay officials to create good locations for sight seeing and rural tours. Just like the other barangays who put premium on the tourism potentials of their areas, I am happy on the way Lumayang is taking the challenge to make their barangay worthy to visit,” Valesco said.

Valesco was in the company of Radyo Mo Nationwide Station Manager Joel Toledo Sanson, RMN commentator Gil Climaco, news reporters Hermie Ventura and Dodong Ramos, Sky Cable cameraman Romy Esperat when they visited Lumayang where they were met by Lumayang barangay officials headed by its chairman Frederick Atilano.

Valesco revealed the development of Lumayang as a rural tourism destination started few years ago with the establishment of the Monte Santo as envisioned by fellow broadcaster Arsenio “Rawhide” Nuevo. The humble infra developments were courtesy of Congressman Erbie Fabian and Councilor Rommel Agan and other well-meaning individuals who helped like Cong. Manny Pacquiao, Jun Alavar and the Wee family.

“We are happy over the assistance and support extended to us here in Lumayang. We hope, that in our modest way, we can help relay the message that there’s more of the beautiful side of Zamboanga,” Atilano said.

Valesco said Zamboanga City is blessed with such an environment that is truly beautiful. “We have waterfalls, rivers, caves, and hill tops with great panoramic view that’s best for family outings and adventure,” He said.

Atilano said, the Monte Santo at Lumayang is not to compete with Abong-Abong as a popular site during Holy Week, but sets Lumayang as an option for those who want to make the Via Crucis and meaningful retreat at a new location.

Valesco has been advocating for the development of rural tourism since 2007. The broadcaster turned legislator was also the first to promote the so-called ‘One Product. One Barangay” concept. As early as 2007, Valesco visited Merloquet Falls and posted photos of the great falls in the internet.

Sanson said, he himself has discovered great places in Zamboanga as he follows the on-location advocacy of Valesco. “Que lejos o tormento el pasada na lugar, ta entra si Valesco, este amu gane para dale mira con el deaton maga vivientes que el deaton ciudad rico na media ambiente, y debe proteje tambien” (No matter how far or how difficult the place is, Valesco would always see to it that he visits the place so that people will be aware how blessed Zamboanga City is with natural resources which we should also help protect).  — ADL