12,080 Lamitan voters want vice mayor out PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 12:50

A total of 12,080 registered voters representing more than 27 percent of the 43,611 voting population of Lamitan City have signed a petition for recall against Vice Mayor Arleigh Eisma for loss of confidence.

The petitioners headed by Asbi Ramirez Alkie, barangay chairman of Bulanting, said they will file today the recall petition against Eisma before the Lamitan City election office.

Alkie said he will be joined by the League of Barangays of Lamitan City in filing the petition against the vice mayor citing 43 out of the total 45 barangay chairmen are supporting the recall petition.

Alkie however emphasized that the 12,080 signatories of the recall petition are from the 45 barangays of Lamitan City though two barangay chairmen are not supporting the move.

Alkie said they have lost confidence on Eisma due to the officials’ lack of cooperation to develop Lamitan City, which has just gained cityhood status last year.

Alkie said Eisma has blocked the implementation of several tangible projects of Lamitan City government that include the construction of an infirmary hospital, which will benefit the Lamiteños.

The vice mayor also blocked the construction of five Madaris in the Muslim-dominated barangays of Lamitan City, Alkie disclosed.

They are confident that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) will give weight on their petition since there are 12,080 signatories representing more than 27 percent of the total registered voters wanting to recall Eisma.

Alkie said only 20 percent of the 43,611 registered voters of Lamitan City are needed to sign a petition to recall an elected official of the city as stipulated under Republic Act 9244 and Comelec Resolution 7505.

The 20 percent of 43,611 registered voters is only 8,720, Alkie added.