Hostage taking took place at Ayala police station, not at suspect’s house PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 March 2012 14:03

Former Councilor Atty. Cesar “Sang” Jimenez has urged police officials to investigate an alleged hostage-taking that took place right inside the Ayala Police Precinct last week involving a resident of Barangay Recodo.

But such incident, Jimenez said, did not appear in the record of the Ayala Police  and instead, it was made to appear that the hostage drama took place at the house of suspect Alnasher Jumli in Recodo.

“I urge officials of the PNP to conduct thorough investigation because the police in Ayala doctored their report making it appear that no hostage taking incident took place inside the precinct,” said the former councilor as he claimed that the incident was witnessed by some residents of Ayala last Thursday night.

Jimenez, who is residing a few meters away from Ayala Police Precinct, said Alnasher Jumli took his own eight-year-old son hostage while police officers was investigating him (Jumli).

Jumli was allegedly under the influence of drug when he was apprehended by men of the Ayala police station.

In the middle of investigation, Jumli seized his son and  a hostage dram lasted for several hours, Jimenez said.

What was funny, Jimenez said, is tha the Ayala police failed to neutralize the suspect not until men from the City Police Office arrived and rescued the boy.

“Why is it they tried to hide the incident? They should report the real thing…,and the reality is that the incident happened inside the police precinct and not at the residence of the suspect,” Jimenez said.

Because of the incident, Jimenez is now demanding for the immediate relief of the police chief, Chief Insp. Antonio Duruin. — Jimmy Villaflores