Kagawad survives 2 gunslay attempts, killed in 3rd attack PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 13:26

The No. 1 kagawad of Barangay Muti in the city’s east coast was shot dead by motorcycle-riding gunmen while on his way to the city proper yesterday afternoon.

Edgar Mali y Hasim suffered a gunshot wound on his nape caused by a bullet fired from a .45 caliber pistol.

The gunmen tailed Mali from Muti on board a black motorcycle, according to Chief Insp. Ricardo Garcia, Chief of Curuan Police Station.

Police investigation disclosed that Mali was on his way to the city and upon reaching Sitio Basagan, Curuan, the backrider of a motorcycle that was tailing him fired a single shot hitting his nape and killing the kagawad instantly.

After a post mortem examination, Garcia said, Mali’s body was brought home immediately in preparation for burial in Islam tradition.
Garcia said that Mali had been an active “asset” of the military even before he was elected into office.

“His being a reliable informant is one that we are looking into as one of the motives (behind the killing). However, we are also looking into other possible angles that may have triggered concerned parties to assassinate him,” said the newly installed Curuan Police Station chief.

It was also learned that sometime in 2010, Mali was rushed to the hospital after he was shot and wounded by gunmen.

While he was recuperating at Ward 2 of the Zamboanga City Medical Center, two armed men entered and shot him. He suffered two new gunshot wounds in the body but luckily survived.

“It was indeed the third try on his life. It was just very unfortunate that he did not survive,”    Garcia said as he vowed to do everything to bring the suspects behind bars. — Jimmy Villaflores