Guingona welcomes opening of 3 Phoenix gas stations in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 March 2012 13:25

Councilor Benjamin “Nonong” Guingona, chairman of the City Council’s Committee on Apropriation  and the city government’s Task Force Gasolina, welcomes the opening of the three Phoenix gasoline stations in Zamboanga City.

Guingona said the opening of Phoenix gasoline stations is a positive development in as far as investment for Zamboanga City is concerned. 

“The opening of Phoenix delivers a fair competition  with the other  gasoline stations in the city,” he said.

Guingona said that motorvehicle owners will now have choices where to refill their fuel tanks.

In fact, many gasoline stations in the city have different marketing strategies. They offer  free engine check up, free water service for engine radiators or free air for tires.

Another promo item, according to Guingona, is when a vehicle reaches a certain liter consumption, it gets free engine oil.
Guingona revealed that Phoenix will open another gasoline station soon. — Allen Abastillas