ON ERBIE’S RETIREMENT PLAN: ‘Zambo needs his services’ PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 March 2012 16:34

Reacting to Congressman Erico Basilio “Erbie” Fabian’s announcement to simply retire if he is pitted against Congresswoman Ma. Isabel Climaco-Salazar, three senior members of the city council yesterday openly threw their support behind Fabian if he backtracks on his retirement plan and runs for mayor in 2013.

Councilor Amman Nuno, president of the Liga ng Barangays, said he has always been supportive of Fabian. “I have made that pledge long ago,” he said, adding that Fabian is well suited to be mayor because of his extensive background and experience in politics.

“But, it’s too early to talk about politics because we don’t know what’s on the mind of other people,” Nuno said, without defining what he meant about “other people”.

Nuno’s wife, Lilia, also a senior member of the city council, has previously announced her intention to run for congress in the second district in 2013, but will defer her plan if her opponent will be Mayor Celso L. Lobregat.

Very recently, Jomar Lobregat, (Celso) Lobregat’s younger brother, said that he is considering running for congressman in the second district where Fabian is serving his third and uninterrupted last term.

Councilor Benjamin “Nonong” Guingona said that he was dismayed at Fabian’s decision to retire if Fabian would have to run against Climaco-Salazar in May, next year.

“While I respect his decision (to retire), I will support him should he change his mind and decides to run for mayor,” Guingona said.
“He is a friend, and I cannot abandon him,” Guingona added.

Another councilor, Reinerio “Rey” Candido, who used to work with Fabian at the First United Broadcasting Corporation (FUBC), a television and radio network owned by the Lobregats, said that he respects Fabian decision to retire from politics if the above scenario prevails.

“But whatever it is, his (Fabian’s) services are still needed by Zamboanga. He has done well for the city and should continue to serve the people,” Candido, who is serving his third and last term as a councilor, said.

In yesterday’s issue of another local newspaper, Mayor Lobregat said that he does not like to see the triumvirate (Climaco-Salazar, Fabian and himself) broken because of politics.

Lobregat was quoted as saying that as much as possible he does not want to see the three of them fighting one another in an election.

Lobregat, Climaco and Fabian have been together in past political battles, having been members of the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) chaired by Senator Edgardo Angara. While Lobregat remains a card-bearing member of the LDP, Climaco-Salazar has since moved to the Liberal Party (LP) and Fabian is now the local chairman of the Nacionalista Party (NP).

Lobregat is serving his third and last term, while Climaco-Salazar has one more term left as the representative of the first district.

Meanwhile, rumors have it that former Zamboanga del Norte Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos, a Zamboangueno by birth, is running for mayor in Zamboanga.

Because of this, diehard Zamboanguenos believe that the triad of Lobregat, Climaco-Salazar and Fabian should remain intact to prevent the entry of Jalosjos into the local political landscape. — BJ