Zambo officials have no objection to SRPI Plant PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 14:45

The city’s top officialdom has reiterated it is not interposing objections on a coal fired power plant to be constructed here, provided it meets all the stringent environmental           requirements to ensure it poses no health hazard to the people here.

Mayor Celso Lobregat, addressing a multi-sector meet last Saturday assembled to address the crippling power crisis in the city, categorically stated he was adopting the stand of the city council when it passed a resolution interposing no objection to the planned construction of a 100-megawatt , Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) coal fired power plant by San Ramon Power, Inc.

Ealier, 2nd District Rep. Erbie A. Fabian similarly adopted a stand on the matter, on the condition its operation will not be harmful to city folk and will help ease the power situation in the city.

The other groups present echoed similar sentiment, as the city faces the bleak prospects of longer blackouts as the Mindanao grid continues to curtail power to end users due to receding output by its hydro plants, in the face of stifling heat and lowered water levels.

The Industrial group, reiterated it has never interposed objections on the entry of the Alacantara backed power plant, likely to hasten approval of the plant to start construction soon.

San Ramon Power Inc., will sell directly and exclusively to Zamcelco here as much 80 megawatts of power, providing a steady supply of electricity to the city once it becomes operational in 2015.

Recently the plant got a big boost after the Department of Energy has given its endorsement for the plant’s construction integrating the project under its Power Development Plan of Pres. Benigno Aquino III.

The multi sector summit agreed, a power plant providing power to the city as a priority customer will be crucial to addressing the city’s rising power needs.

The present power crisis, is projected to progress next month from the present 4 hour rotating brownouts daily to as much as 8-hours power outage by next month.

This is the second consecutive year that the city has been subjected to debilitating power outages as power availability grid-wide falls behind current demands.

The SRPI Coal fired power plant is projected to rise inside the Zamboecozone area in San Ramon, west coast of the city.

It will become the second coal fired power plant to operate in Mindanao following the 200 megawatt plant in Sarangani which began construction late last year.

Both are owned by Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc., which also operates Western Mindanao Power Inc in Sangali this city, a 100 megawatt bunker C Fuel Fired Power Plant.

Western Mindanao Power though sells it output directly to the grid, which does not guarantee the city buffer supply in times of emergency like what is happening now.

SRPI consultant and former Napocor Regional boss, Engr. Ruben Conti reported to the body, it plant construction status have been elevated from indicative to active by the DOE.

SRPI expects all necessary clearances to come down by this month signaling it has the green light to start plant construction.

The mayor disclosed entry of Independent power producers here will boost power reserves which will enable the city to sustain its drive to full economic development in the years ahead.