Nat’l Museum officials laud city for Paseo dev’t PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 March 2012 14:35

Top officials from the National Museum have expressed appreciation to the local government for the improvements being done at the Paseo del Mar, stressing it enhances the National Museum which is located right beside the recreational park.

National Museum Chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr., said the establishment of the musically gyrating dancing fountain and all the other improvements being done at the Paseo del Mar that include the construction of the multi-purpose exhibit building, expansion of parking space, and the soon to be constructed natural aquarium will help boost the museum—a repository of the country’s culture and history.

“I am happy that our National Museum is right beside this park and I hope more people will also visit the national museum because it is where we can learn more about our heritage and our past and why we should really be proud to be Filipinos. That is what the national museum is all about and that is what places like these are all about too”, Del Rosario, who was the guest of honor during the grand opening of the Paseo del Mar musically gyrating dancing fountain on March 23, said.

He also lauded Mayor Lobregat and the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat for a job well done in transforming a former squatters’ area into a popular recreational park. “I understand this part of the city was not a place that was  very pleasant, people could not come  here because it was a hotbed of drugs and criminality and all kinds of ugly things and the fact that his mother and he (Mayor Celso) was able to transform it into the kind of park and now this wonderful dancing fountain, is a great achievement”.

He added:   “I wish that many mayors in other parts of the country can do similar things for their cities because it is a wonderful accomplishment that could benefit the people”.

Jeremy Barns, National Museum Director IV, for his part likewise expressed elation that the Paseo del Mar where many improvements are taking place including the establishment of the musically gyrating dancing fountain is right adjacent to the Fort Pilar which is home to the National Museum.

He said he and Mr. del Rosario’s visit to Zamboanga is in a way reaffirming the National Museum’s commitment to improve and promote the Zamboanga museum stressing that the facility in the city is one of the top 3 priorities for improvement  and upgrading project this year. — Sheila Covarrubias