PNP chief to cops: Go back to basics PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 November 2010 17:29

Philippine National Police chief Director General Raul Bacalzo has called on all members of the police force to go back to basic in order to improve and develop a better image for the organization.
The call was maded when Bacalzo addressed at the headquarters of the Police Regional Office 9 in Camp Abendan, Mercedes last Wednesday.
Bacalzo said that simple police works should be refreshed in mind by each and every police officer for him to remember where he started and how he perform his job since the time when he was a mere Police Officer 1.
The PNP chief observed some policemen forget the basics and forget where they came from when they get promoted to next higher rank or appointed to a higher position.     This attitude misleads the direction of policemen and severe cases contribute much to the tainted image of the PNP.
“I admit, our organization is greatly affected by the recent turn of events which struck the country. The PNP’s image is greatly tainted by our own people. It is time now to rebuild and work hand in hand towards a better and unified organization,” Bacalzo told local policemen.
He stressed the importance of going back to the GMRCs (good manners and right conduct) to reshape the attitude of a policeman that is unpleasant in  the eyes of the public.
“Good manners and right conduct, discipline, attitude and respect to one's-self are the basic things we need to pursue hard in our organization. Most of us have forgotten the things taught us by our parents,” Bacalzo said.
During a command conference, Bacalzo also noted the items brought to him by the PRO9 officials which need attention by the PNP.
Police Regional Office-9 Director Chief Supt. Edwin Corvera stressed the need for more logistical and administrative support from Camp Crame, to make programs and operations of the command effective to ensure peaceful environment in Region 9. -- Bhong Simbajon