Yanga warns scalawag cops Print
Monday, 09 April 2012 14:21

OIC-City Police Director Chief Supt. Mario B. Yanga has urged local policemen to do their job with utmost dedication to ensure the safety and security of the people.

At the same time, he warned the bad eggs and scalawags in the police force to change their ways or else face the consequences later.

In an interview with newmen the other day, Yanga was straight in saying that he despises policemen who are lazy, coddling criminals, drug addicts and drug pushers and scalawags.

“I warn them to do their duty and follow  lawful order. I will task my officers to conduct random checks and investigation against these policemen who are drug addicts, pushers and coddlers of criminals or acting like criminals. I want them to become good.  And if they can not do good, they should resign from the service,” Yanga stressed.

Yanga’s appointment as OIC police director of Zamboanga City came as the city experiences a series of shooting incidents,  the latest victim of which is the president pf the Universidad de Zamboanga, Arturo Eustaquio III.

The police general  is also the Deputy Regional Director for Administration at the Police Regional Office-9 in concurrent capacity. He is holding 15 committee chairmanships at PRO9. 

Yanga was recently awarded as Outstanding Alumnus of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). — Allen Abastillas