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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 14:48

Without mentioning names, lawyer Linda E. Lim, in a statement she read during a tribute the Eustaquio family and the Universidad de Zamboanga paid to slain school president Arturo “Archie” F. Eustaquio III yesterday, lambasted “leaders and authorities” for failure to address the city’s peace and order problem.

“These killings are evidence that our leaders and the authorities have failed to address this specific issue of safety and security in Zamboanga City. This specific issue has not been given sufficient scrutiny. Above everything else, our leaders and the authorities must discharge this obligation and responsibility to ensure the safety of property and the protection of the lives and limbs of every man, woman and child in Zamboanga City, regardless of political affiliation. This should never be compromised at all,” said Atty. Lim in the statement copies of which were distributed to newsmen and other persons who attended the tribute held at Summit Centre.

Lim lamented that until today, guns for hire, extortionists, kidnappers, holduppers and carnappers still move around, “free to kill and harm, free to extort, free to kidnap, free to carnap..”

She said this situation made it easy to murder the president of UZ.

“They can still continue to kill and harm any of us. It can happen to you, to your father, brother or son. Everyone is a target. No one is exempted,” she warned.

She added: “We do not want a city full of violence and lawlessness; a city that is not safe and secure; a city where we cannot move around without bodyguards. We do not want to leave to our children a city where lawless elements flourish.”

In the same statement, Atty. Lim praised her slain brother whom  she credited for making UZ a successful educational institution in the region.

“He (Archie) was the frontrunner of Universidad de Zamboanga’s realization through the years,” she added..

Limcontinued: “Arturo F. Eustaquio III lived his life the most with a great vision to .serve our region through Universidad de Zamboanga. The Founder’s Vision became a reality because we had a president who believed he could do it and actually got it done. This vision remains a reality today and it will not stop with his death. The Universidad de Zamboanga has men and women who say they will continue his legacy as an educator and a public servant - Education for All. We shall continue to help give everyone access to education. Without fail, Arturo F. Eustaquio III, shared his passion for learning and dedicated his life to provide knowledge for every person and community in Zamboanga. He believed that only through education, could we be free from poverty, ignorance and injustice.

Arturo and our entire family believe that education serves a strong purpose in our society especially in achieving peace. But peace can never be achieved without law and order in place and under control. You took the life of a great man who humbly and quietly served the people of Zamboanga. He loved and gave all his life to Zamboanga. He produced leaders who are prime movers for progress and change. He produced professionals who are efficient and productive. He produced scholars who are successful, who now help their families and their communities. Above all, he produced educators who uphold the essence of education for freedom. They, in turn, helped shape the lives of many in our city instilling a new culture into the next generation. He was a source of change, progress and national development.”

Atty. Lim said Archie’s murder is unacceptable

“The whole of Zamboanga City was devastated and shocked to learn of his assassination. Family, Relatives, Educators, Students, Friends and even strangers mourn his death. We condemn his killing and pray for justice; that the killers be brought to pay for their crime,” she said..

Moreover, Lim described Archie’s assassination as a “wicked and evil act that endangers not only our family but also every man, woman and child in Zamboanga City. His death declares loud and clear that no one is safe in our very own hometown; that no one is spared from this cruel exposure; that no one can move around without bodyguards.”

“Today, we can no longer call Zamboanga the City of Flowers because our leaders have chosen to call Zamboanga, Asia’s Latin City. I now truly believe that referring to Zamboanga, as Asia’s Latin City of Killings is more appropriate,” said Lim scornfully.

Lim said the Eustaquio family  seeks justice, not vengeance for Archie, describing him ‘a beloved son, a dear brother, a good father, a kind uncle, a passionate educator, a supportive mentor and a reliable friend to all of us. We demand justice not solely for Arturo F. Eustaquio III — but for allthe unsolved killings in Zamboanga City as well.”

She appealed to the people who have knowledge of her brother’s killing to step forward and convey what they know.

“May your conscience lead you to the right path and help our family and the authorities solve the mystery of his death,” Lim said. But while we seek justice, by the grace of God, we have not overlooked one basic fundamental value of our Christian faith - that is FORGIVENESS.

“Archie’s children & their mothers, his niece & nephew Aline & Aldie & their mother Annilu, my husband, my sons & myself - we all declare to all of you & the whole world that we have FORGIVEN Archie’s killers! We have forgiven you - murderers - wherever you are. We do this not for you, murderers, but for us. We need to forgive because we need to move on. We need to move on so as not to put to waste his life.

We need to move on so we can honor him by bringing truth and justice to his death. We need to move on so we can keep him alive and carry on Archie’s legacy and good will,” said Lim’s statement.

She called on the people to join the Eustaquio family in their pursuit for justice not solely for Arturo F. Eustaquio III — but for all the unsolved killings in Zamboanga City as well.

“It has to happen now. Let Archie’s murder awaken us and push us to move together and shout with one loud and strong voice so our leaders and the authorities will hear our cry and heed. our demand to protect and save our lives. These killings and all and any form of violence must end. We need to do something now, “ she emphasized.

Furthermore, Lim called on all sectors of Zamboanga, including leaders of civic organizations, chambers of commerce, religious organizations, all the schools, colleges and universities, church leaders, and organizations pursuing peace, to join the Eustaquio family  challenging the entire officialdom of Zamboanga City “to rapidly institute substantial, effective and permanent measures to make each and every man, woman and child safe and secure in this city.”

When Zamboanga shall be safe and secure, then we know that my brother Archie’s blood was not shed in vain,” she said.