Nuño dismayed over Archie kin’s statement PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 April 2012 14:51

Respected Muslim leader and Councilor Abdurahman Nuño has expressed disappointment over the manner the Eustaquio family treated city government officials who attended the tribute that the latter together with the Universidad de Zamboanga held in honor of slain UZ president Arturo “Archie” Eustaquio III, April 10 at the Summit Center in Tetuan.

Nuño admitted he felt slighted that city leaders to include Mayor Celso Lobregat and members of the City Council were invited to the event titled “Presidential Tribute to the late Arturo Eustaquio III” only to be insulted and treated with disrespect by the family’s statement on Archie’s death read by Eustaquio’s sister Atty. Linda Lim towards the end of the tribute.

“I have attended a lot of tributes (events) for great people including the President of the Philippines but I have not undergone through such an experience,” the councilor, who represents the barangay sector in the City Council regretfully said. “Despite my being a Muslim, I attended the Catholic mass and the succeeding program for the tribute to show respect to the late UZ president and to show our respect and sympathy to the family, but we were insulted and not given courtesy and respect”.

The city government, he said, has provided substantial amount to assist the police and the military in their peace keeping efforts. The City Council, with the imprimatur of the mayor, has passed hundreds of resolutions concerning peace and order and these measures were properly acted upon by the Peace and Order Council while others were forwarded to the agencies concerned, according to Nuño.

On many instances, just to ease tension among warring factions, the mayor together with him as a Muslim leader and the authorities exert efforts to settle disputes, he said. “We did settle disputes many times such as in Talon-talon, Mampang and Rio Hondo including Ayala, we went there, even if we have a councillor staying there, it has to be the mayor with Councilor Nuño to go there to pacify”.

“We are doing our share and we are helping the police but if people do not cooperate by strengthening their family ties, adhering to proper values and helping their neighbors, naturally all these efforts will not succeed”, he said, citing passages in the Qur’an.

He stressed “the first contribution to peace in the city starts at home by uniting your family and not dividing it and respecting your parents especially your mothers”.

Nevertheless, despite the shabby treatment he received during the tribute event, Councilor Nuño said his respect for the slain Eustaquio, whom he treated as a brother in Islam, remains intact.

The late Eustaquio, he recounted, said his prayers at the mosques either in his barangay in Taluksangay or in Guiwan and there were instances when he and the slain Eustaquio would coordinate with each other for projects for both Christians and Muslims in the city. — Rey Cabonel