On alleged plunder case: Celso mulls counter raps PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 April 2012 13:57

Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday bewailed what he termed as trial by publicity and political harassment published reports stating that he is “charged of plunder in Ombudsman”, as he disclosed moves to file counter charges against people concerned.

Lobregat said he has not received any copy of any complaint from the Ombudsman. Normally, he said, when there is a complaint filed before the Ombudsman, the subject of the complaint is given a certain time to answer the charges.

“But this is trial by publicity, not only is this trial by publicity, it is politically motivated, and this is also political harassment, not only is it political harassment, perhaps it is also a plan to discredit me and to demean my character,” the mayor told mediamen yesterday morning.

Published reports the other day said “Lobregat charged of plunder in Ombudsman” citing a case allegedly filed by two members of the opposition against the mayor relative to issues concerning the blanket authority given to the chief executive by the august body in the implementation of infrastructure projects.

The chief executive said he is not taking the matter sitting down and that he is looking at all possible means and ways to “file counter charges against any and all persons who are trying to discredit me and are trying to politically harass me because enough is enough”.

He said the timing of the publication of the report is very suspicious, as he called the charges baseless.  He said is consulting with his lawyers for the possible filing of counter charges against people who intend to humiliate him by such a case and report. 

“There is no basis and when we go whatever forum, court or whatever, that is the time I will bring out all the documents needed  to substantiate the claims. These are all baseless”, the mayor declared.

He did not divulge what counter charges will be filed stating that he would not want to telegraph his punches. “I am not onion skinned but this one is really is meant to demean my character and to harass me politically”.

Mayor Lobregat emphasized that politics or elections are still far away and that he has many things to do for the best interest of the city.

“And as I have said, I am going to do things right with a sense of urgency and so I will not take this sitting down”, the mayor added. — Sheila Covarrubias