Mayor submits ZC power stakeholders’ manifesto PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 14 April 2012 13:42

Mayor Celso Lobregat Friday presented during the Mindanao Power Summit in Davao City, the manifesto of Zamboanga City power stakeholders relative to the power situation in the area.

The manifesto, signed by representatives from various sectors, was the result of a meeting convened by Mayor Lobregat in cooperation with House Deputy Speaker Beng Climaco in City Hall Wednesday night where power stakeholders in the city were asked to share and discuss issues and concerns related to power.

“Given the growing demand and limited supply of power in the entire Mindanao, we support the establishment of baseload power plants in Zamboanga City consistent with environmental laws and policies, and seriously urge the National Government to create a conducive environment for the private sector to invest in the power sector and expedite the processing serious proposals and, to explore all alternative sources of energy”, the manifesto states.

The Mindanao Power Summit, organized by Mindanao Development Authority Chair Secretary Luwalhati Antonino in collaboration with the Department of Energy, was graced by no less than President Noynoy Aquino. It was intended to present the overview of the real Mindanao power situation, generate and discuss consensus attendant to the power problem and the corresponding immediate solutions and assure the general public of definitive measures taken not just by the government but also by the power stakeholders.

Mayor Lobregat together with Cong. Climaco, who briefed Summit participants about Mindanao Legislative Energy Measures and other Zamboanga stakeholders, attended the important event in Davao yesterday.

The manifesto contains issues, concerns and proposed solutions tackled during the Wednesday night meeting in City Hall. It highlighted the initial partial solutions that include the Zamcelco-TMI contract and implementation of the interruptible load program (ILP) and Time of Use (TOU) pricing; the medium-term issue and solutions which include exploring other alternative sources of energy and the immediate need of Zamcelco to explore the possibility of purchasing, installing and operating diesel-based reserve power facilities and the need for Zamcelco to program the early purchase of additional power demand requirements from other sources for the years 2013 to 2015; and the long term issue and solution.

Zamboanga’s peak demand is 81 megawatts while PSALM/NGCP supply is only pegged at minimum 52mw for April 2012 and 60mw for June 2012.

The load allocation expected to be delivered for the month of April with 80MW load to maintain system generation matrix is only 48MW and 56MW for the month of June.  These translate to 5 hours of brownout for the month of April and 4 hours brownout for the month of June.

“These figures do not include the anticipated maintenance/rehabilitation of the Pulangi and Agus Plants. If and when these will happen, the load to maintain the system generation matrix will increase to 240MW, the number of hours of brownouts will drastically worsen. As a rule of thumb, every 8MW deficiency translates to 2 hours brownout per day for ZAMCELCO”, the manifesto emphasized.

Among the signatories in the manifesto are Mayor Lobregat, Rep. Climaco, Councilors Rey Candido, Abdurahman Nuño, Rudy Lim and Rogelio Valesco Jr. and stakeholders- Cholo Soliven of the Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc., Eddie Chua of the Zamboanga-Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Engr. George Ledesma of the Industrial Group of Zamboanga and Phil Export IX, Engr. Efren Wee of PHIDCO and Chamber EVP; Rudy Iglesias of the Consumers’ Net IX; Violeta Alejandro of the Urban Poor and People’s organization federation; Art Onrubia of the FEBARKAZA; Dr. Anton Mari Lim of the PPVR Zamboanga; Atty. Arsenio Gonzales Jr. of of the ZCCIFI; Engr. Benito Ong of the ZFCCC; Roberto Baylosis of SOPHIL; Joeter Cardenas of IGZI; Jose Marie Torrejon of WMPC and Zamcelco officials that include Project Supervisor Engr. Jesus Castro, Board president Efren Perez, Board Vice President Bong Atilano and Board member Agustin Graciano among others. — Sheila Covarrubias