Zambo City police to ‘balance’ assignment of male, female cops PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 15 April 2012 15:03

The local police will reassign policewomen to the different police precincts in this city so they can attend to cases involving women in the different parts of the city.

OIC City Police Director Chief Supt. Mario Yanga has called for the assignment of policewomen to the different precincts on a balanced basis.

Supt. Hado Edding said he will study the reassignment of the policewomen to the different precincts that cover 98 barangays in the city.

The local police force has a complement of 1,398 policemen. The females cops number only about 174.

Edding who assumed the position as director for administration of the local police just a few weeks ago said that certain considerations will be taken in the assignment of the female cops to the citys 11 precincts.

All police precincts in this city are in heavily populated barangays with enough means of transportation which would not inconvenience policewomen who will have to be assigned far from home.

Female cops usually handle the investigation of women and child cases in the precincts and at the city’s central police station.

They are also armed with guns because they took training in the handling of weapons as all policemen are expected to know.

Edding also noted that some precincts have more policewomen than other precincts.

“We will correct this imbalance in the assignment of policewomen in the force, he said. — PIA