Dengue cases in ZC now at alarming level: 547 CASES SINCE JANUARY PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 April 2012 14:44

The rapid increase of dengue hemorrhagic fever cases in the city is considered alarming.

A total of 547 cases has been registered from January to April 17.

During the month of March alone, 198 cases were registered in the different hospitals here, a figure which is only five cases lesser than the year when an outbreak was declared by the city government, according to City Health Officer Rodel Agbulos.

While immediate measures have already been undertaken by CHO, Agbulos yesterday made a strong call for residents themselves to do something in their own backyard following the search and destroy formula of the possible breeding sites of mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus.

Agbulos also called on college students now employed by the city government under the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) to concentrate their time in cleaning up breeding places of mosquitoes in the barangays where they work.

“We cannot just do it all by ourselves. We need the help of the barangay leaders and the residents themselves. Dengue has been with us for several years now. I presume that everybody knows its prevention. We should work together to fight this disease that has already claimed many innocent lives especially children,” Agbulos urged.

Should cases continue to rise up this week, Agbulos said he will be forced to recommend to the Office of the Mayor for the declaration of another outbreak of dengue H-Fever.

Based on its monthly monitoring, 157 cases were registered in the month of January, 136 in February and it continued to increase in March (198)  and for the first two weeks of April, all this year, some 56 cases have been noted.

Of the 547 patients only for the first four months, eight died which is comparably high compared to 16 deaths for the entire year in 2011.

The barangays that are badly affected by dengue are: Tumaga (50 cases), Tugbungan (39), San Roque (34), Guiwan (33), Tetuan (32), Sta. Maria (30), Putik (23), Pasonanca (20), Sangali (20), Canelar (19), Calarian (18), Talon-Talon (16), Mampang (15), Baliwasan (13), Rio Hondo and Sinunuc with both 11 cases and 10 cases each for Cabatangan, Divisoria, Mercedes, San Jose Gusu and Zambowood. — Jimmy Villaflores