Nuno challenges cynics: Share donations to peace efforts PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 April 2012 14:24

Councilor Abdurahman Nuno yesterday emphasized that the local government undoubtedly has the will and determination to curb lawlessness and eventually to move the city forward.

“Like other cities and areas, there are good things as well as bad things that happen in Zamboanga,” the councilor, a respected Muslim and barangay leader, said. “The city officials have the political will to govern, in fact we’re governing right now”.

The councilor lamented that some groups or sectors are quick to find faults and pass the blame on the local government and law enforcement authorities for the security challenges and other adversities confronting the city.

Peace keeping efforts should be the responsibility of all individuals and groups especially foreign funded groups whose programs are geared towards peace. specifically those foreign groups advocating for peace, he said. “These foreign-backed groups should be more involved by sharing the donations they receive to peace keeping efforts apart from focusing on dialogues and discussions for the promotion of peace””.

Indeed, he said, Zamboanga City is home to beautifully built churches, mosques and temples, but peace can only be achieved when people entrusted to lead these house of God put emphasis on the teaching of good manners and right conduct.

The police as law enforcers are staunchly fulfilling their mandated tasks just as the local government is consistently governing the city. However, according to Nuno there are certain limitations and prohibitions.

“In terms of legal and justice systems?, We have a capable legal and justice system but there are due to processes to follow in every aspect”, Nuno emphasized. “We can change the [justice] system to attain faster justice by amending the constitution, that is, if people will not oppose moves to amend the constitution”.

He said with all the reinforced efforts being done by the authorities, people should not show fear in enjoying all the amenities that Zamboanga has to offer together with their families and friends. “You will not be scared to move around the city if you don’t have anything to be scared of. Peace is achieved by respecting other people and your parents, by loving your family and your neighbors and by not committing sins against your fellowmen”.

And with regards to cynics’ questions about what is Zamboanga City without its people, Councilor Nuño said the city is inhabited by thousands of people because of the many potentials it offers, in fact, he said “some people want to migrate to Zamboanga City for economic and political reasons”.

“And if we are not wary and not conscious or watchful of our actions and the things we do as well as our relationship with others, we can be the subjects of these malefactors,” Councilor Nuño added. — RC