Police, PDEA bent on pursuing raps vs suspected malefactors PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 April 2012 14:26

Authorities are steadfast in their resolve to pursue charges against suspected drug syndicates, gun-for-hire, and other law offenders despite the risks and threats they get for the series of operations and arrests they conducted recently.

OIC City Police Director Chief Supt. Mario Yanga and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA-9) regional director Adzhar Albani, however underscored the need for public support and cooperation to achieve more breakthroughs in law enforcement.

Intensified operations since last week yielded at least 9 suspected drug pushers, gun for hire group members and violators of other laws such as illegal possession of firearms and explosives and other similar offenses.

The latest arrest was effected during the April 18 buy-bust operation in Recodo by joint elements from the Zamboanga Public Safety Company, Special Warfare and Tactics (SWAT) team and Regional Intelligence Division-9 (RID9) personally supervised by PSupt. William Gadayan involving two suspected drug pushers identified as Hamad Asilin y Mahales aka “Obeng”, 48, and Abdurahmin Cana y Amina aka “Toto”, 22, both residents of Recodo.

Last April 12, PDEA elements headed by Dir. Albani together with ZCPO-SWAT forces captured Nadzul Alih aka “Katindig”, wanted for various crimes and said to be a notorious illegal drugs group leader in an operation in Canelar. Six others including members of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) were arrested at the premises of the Hall of Justice in Sta. Barbara after a foiled attempt to rescue Alih, then being brought to the Hall of Justice for arraignment by PDEA and ZCPO forces. The 6 were identified as Wally Alama y Yacub alias “Waliul/ Wali Ubz”, 42 of Recodo; Lali Alama y Asula alias “Lali” of Recodo; Mahamud Mahadali y Malicsi alias “Mahamud”, 32, of Jolo, Sulu; Salam Usni y Abubakar alias “Salam”, 34, of Kumalang, Basilan; Alan Sanong y Endeng alias “Sanong”, 44, of Tungawan, Sibugay; and Abraham Mohammad y Garcia alias “Cheng”, 35 of Talisayan.

Albani disclosed that numerous survivors and witnesses of previous gun attacks have come out in the open implicating one or two of those arrested in the foiled rescue attempt. The previous gun attacks include those involving the former mayor of Maimbung, Sulu, the policeman at RT Lim Boulevard and several others.

And what is saddening, the PDEA director said, is that some suspects are uniformed men. “I am not destroying institutions but I am building institutions, which is why we are seeking the support and cooperation of all sectors”.

Nevertheless, Director Albani assured that anti-crime operations will continue even as he disclosed the receipt of threats from cohorts of those arrested suspects. — Sheila Covarrubias