Brgy Lumayang bans ‘full-face’ helmet’; ‘violators will be shot’ PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 April 2012 13:47

Despite the warnings issued by some government officials, the barangay chairman of Lumayang, Frederick Atilano, insisted on enforcing his own law, prohibiting the wearing of “full-face” helmet by motorcylists who enter the barangay.

A tarpaulin put up by Atilano at the entrance of Lumayang warns that violators of his self-enacted law on helmet  “will be shot.”

Early this week, Atilano met the members of the Lumayang Barangay Council in a session in which a resolution was passed giving full support to his move which he said could prevent the occurrence of crimes like shooting incidents involving gunmen riding in tandem and wearing full-face helmet.

The big tarpaulin read “for identification and security purposes…you are now entering a no full-face helmet zone…violators will be shot”. It was posted at the boundary of Barangays Lumbangan and Lumayang obviously to let visitors and even residents of the community be fully informed about the policy, 

Observers believe it is the first time to happen in the city wherein a barangay chairman has imposed his own rule on motorcycle helmet..

Atilano’s noble intention is appreciated by City Hall officials but they are also apprehensive that the barangay chairman will expose himself to legal problem in the future particularly on the words “will be shot”. 

“I’m doing this to protect my constituents. I am willing to face and answer those who are trying to question my action,” Atilano said as he made it clear that no one, not even the top leaders of the city, could stop him from imposing the rule in his own community.

A permanent checkpoint manned by barangay tanods will be established at the entrance to the barangay. The tanods are tasked to inspect incoming motorcycles and to ask the drivers and back riders wearing full-face helmet to take them off while driving around the village.

Atilano said his barangay is being visited by dozens of people daily because of its alluring location where one can have a majestic view of Zamboanga City proper and other scenic spots right in the barangay. 

He explained that people should not take the phrase “violators will be shot” literally.

“Violators are people who have bad intention. If they don’t have that, I see no reason for them not to follow this simple policy because I am doing this for their own protection,” Atilano further explained.

Early this year, the school principal of Lumayang Elementary School was shot to death by motorcycle gunmen wearing full-face helmets.

No one from among the residents can identify the killers, although it happened in broad daylight. It was because the killers’ faces concealed by full-face helmets. — Jimmy Villaflores