5 young boys injured in homemade bomb blast PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 April 2012 14:08

Five young boys were injured when a home made explosive went off in Barangay Lunzuran last Thursday night.

Injured were Niko Enriquez, 7, James Joseph Reyes, 10, Jericho Bahana, 12, Cyril Pilanga, 10, and Rommel Austero, 8. They sustained burns and injuries in the body and were taken to the hospital.

Enriquez’ mother said the explosion took place at the house of the Pilanga family around 6:55 p.m.

The young Enriquez said he was walking on his way to a store and passing near the Pilanga residence when an explosion rocked the area.

He recalled that he was thrown away by the impact and fell on the ground. He later found out that his body bore shrapnel wounds.

Sr. Insp. Cesar Memoracion,  chief of the City Police Office’s Bomb Squad,  disclosed that Cyril Pilanga had been assembling  an explosive using firecracker gunpowder when it exploded in his possession.

Pilanga lost one of his hands in the explosion.
Most of the victims were watching Pilanga making the home-made explosive.
DZT gathered that the young Pilanga got idea of assembling explosive from the internet and tried to imitiate it at home. — Dan Toribio Jr.