LP-KKK members get IDs PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 April 2012 14:21

Over 400 registered voters loyal to the LP-KKK Coalition under City Chair John David Atilano Corpin (JDC) on Saturday received the party’s identification cards at the Tugbungan Barangay Hall, this city.

Except for JDC, who is still meeting with LP-KKK officials in Manila, vice chair Manuel Banua together with other officers, City Coordinator Jungjung Macrohon, Treasurer Gaynor Palis, Auditor Jeanibeth Revillas, Board of Directors Atty. Ela Michelle Cubero and Joe Montenegro distributed the numbered IDs to young and old members of the community.

Tugbungan LP-KKK coordinator Ina Carvajal disclosed that the throng of supporters came as early as 7:30 a.m. to get their respective identification cards.
As of now, the party’s recruits in their community have mushroomed to nearly 4,000 in barely four months and continue to swell, according to Carvajal. 

The barangay coordinator noted that most of the members come from the grassroots specifically the poorest of the poor such as pedicab drivers, construction workers, carpenters, barbers, housewives and other low-income earners.

“We are fed up with traditional politicians who are only good in making promises which are not even fulfilled if they are already elected. We want new breed of young and sincere leaders like JDC who can give us better alternatives,” they said.

Tetuan barangay secretary Joe Montenegro disclosed that he is also set to distribute 1,000 LP-KKK IDs to members in his community.

JDC had earlier disclosed that LP-KKK members coming from the 98 barangays of Zamboanga City have rapidly increased to nearly 20,000 registered voters since the party started its recruitment campaign during the last quarter of 2011.         

JDC said the party’s advocacy is Justice, Development and Change for a peaceful, progressive and greater Zamboanga City. — NS