Brave policeman chases 2 holduppers, is shot dead PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 November 2010 13:31

An unarmed but courageous policeman was shot and killed at Nuñez St. after he chased two gunmen who had staged a broad daylight holdup at a Western Union branch along San Jose Road before noon yesterday.

PO1 Douglas Pineda, 26, of the Traffic Division, absorbed four bullets from a .45 caliber pistol and died on the spot.

Pineda's heroic act in chasing the holduppers with his motorcycle and confronting them at Nuñez St. enabled other responding policemen to arrest one of the two suspects.

City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin Deocampo identified the arrested holdupper as Nori Susulan, 30, of Rio Hondo. His cohort who eluded arrest was identified only as a certain Butchoy.

Police said that Susulan and his companion entered the Western Union branch beside the Sucabon creek along San Jose Road before noon and pretended as customers. Inside the shop, they pulled out pistols and told Magdalena Victoria, the money transfer firm franchise holder, that they were staging a holdup.

Moments later, one of the holduppers shot Victoria in the left cheek. The bullet exited her nape. They ransacked the shop and hurriedly left aboard a Honda Wave motorcycle that sped away towards Mayor Jaldon St.  PO1 Pineda who was driving his motorcycle chased them.

The holduppers made a right turn at the intersection of Gov. Alvarez St. then headed east. Pineda continued the chase up to the intersection of Nuñez  and Gov. Alvarez Sts., where other policemen on duty joined him in going after the suspects. At the junction of Nuñez St. and Camachile Drive, the holdupper driving the motorcycle stepped on the brake and let Pineda come ahead of them afterwhich the backrider shot the brave policeman four times.

The holduppers' motorcycle crashed on the gutter, sending them running on foot. The other responding policemen arrested Susulan, but Butchoy got away and disappeared amid the crowd.

Recovered from Susulan’s possession was an Armscor .45 caliber pistol loaded with eight rounds of ammunition and the bag containing money which they took from the Western Union branch.

Victoria was rushed to the hospital where she was later declared out of danger.

The same Western Union branch was robbed of about half a million pesos by burglars who broke into the shop at night time several months ago .

Deocampo led a police force yesterday in a citywide manhunt on Butchoy.

By Dan Toribio Jr.