Valesco invites folks to visit Pamucutan’s eco-tourism attractions PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 April 2012 14:27

Councilor Rogelio “Gerky” Valesco never ceases to show city residents the many tourism potentials of Zamboanga City; this time the pristine waterfalls at Sitio Papaya, Pamucutan, west of Zamboanga City.

Valesco visited several sitios in Pamucutan recently and staged a dialogue with barangay officials thereat to preserve and at the same time promote the faultless and unspoiled rivers and waterfalls at Pamucutan.

“The place is simply gifted with amazing environment. The rivers have clean and strappingly fresh water running and the place has a good number of pristine waterfalls, making Pamucutan an incredible haven for nature lovers and adventurers,” Valesco said.

With Valesco were film and television director Charlie Villanueva whose works are known for advocating clean environment and promotion of Zamboanga City in VezTV programs. Broadcaster Ronnie Lledo and some staff of the alderman were also part of Valesco’s team that visited Pamucutan.

Barangay officials of Pamucutan led by chairman Romeo Serna met with Valesco’s group and they were happy on the efforts of Valesco to help promote Pamucutan with many suggestions including livelihood opportunities.

“We are very fortunate that Councilor Valesco has been going around to personally asses our area. His suggestions are all good, relevant and practical as all are doable. We are grateful of his vision as he is also working hand in hand with the office of our Mayor (Lobregat) and the office of Congresswoman Beng (Climaco),” Serna said.

Among Pamucutan’s tourist attractions are the St. Francis camp site which is situated at the river bank where bamboo cottages are seated on big boulders, the several waterfalls among which is the one at sitio papaya whom Valesco calls as the “Hermosa” waterfalls.

For those who are interested to visit Pamucutan and enjoy a breather and respite from our daily preoccupations, they may visit the office of the barangay council of Pamucutan for assistance and guides. — ADL