Scheme bared to lessen blackouts in Zambo City PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 May 2012 14:30

“Finally... we have iron out all the kinks and a win-win solution was arrived acceptable to both the big loaders and Zamcelco.”

Thus announced Pocholo Soliven, ZCCIFI president and Task force ILP/TOU chair, last Saturday, saying that the ILP Scheme will be institutionalized and will serve as a standby generating capacity for Zamboanga City and for Zamcelco to distribute to residential areas that were greatly affected by the power curtailment of up to 8-10 hours daily.

“I also commend the nine big loaders with embedded gen sets who will be getting out of the grid, to favor residential consumers, with their combined total capacities; it will mean less curtailment for the residents of Zamboanga who are greatly suffering from the crippling power crisis in Mindanao,” Soliven said.

He appealed to other companies with embedded gen sets to enrol in the ILP program as part of their corporate social responsibility and to further augment the badly needed capacities to help further mitigate the shortfall and to be able to lessen the power curtailment.

“With the successful implementation of Interruptible Load Program and Time of Use, we are making a precedence here for the entire country to emulate, where private public partnership is at work, ” Soliven said.

Last April 28, 2012, Zamcelco and the ILP-TOU participating companies held a meeting at the Zamcelco Board Room to finalize the program, and have agreed to implement it on the first week of May this year.  At present, nine companies have enrolled with Zamcelco to participate in the scheme, but other companies like Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines and Ayala Seafoods also attended the said meeting and have agreed to enrol.  Petron, Grand Astoria Hotel and Shoppers Plaza have also signified their intention to participate in this noble program as part of their corporate social responsibility to the general public of this city.

Zamcelco informed the group that the blackout will still continue despite the entry of Therma Marines’s 18 MW of power, and this program will help the electric cooperative save the much needed capacity as mitigating measures to fill in the deficiencies and solve the power shortage by load shedding, meaning big loaders and industrial companies will get out of the grid, saving the cooperative the much needed power supply for distribution to the residential areas.

Zamcelco assured the group that they will be sending the Memorandum of Agreement to the ILP-TOU players this week. 

“The ball is now on Zamcelco’s court to start the implementation of the ILP-TOU,” Soliven said.  “The gen-set of the participating companies will now be part of the cooperative’s stand-by generating power to mitigate the power deficiencies for the benefit of all  consumers.”