35 Soldiers trained for disaster risk reduction PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 May 2012 14:00

About 35 soldiers from the Western Mindanao Command, Task Force Zamboanga and Philippine Navy joined and actively participated a training on disaster risk reduction with the theme, “Life Skills Education and Disaster Risk Reduction Awareness for Vulnerable Youth held last Saturday at the Basement, Grandstand, Wesmincom headquarters.

This activity is being organized by the Civic Military Operations (CMO) of WesMinCom headed by Lt.Col. Randolf Cabangbang and Office of Civil Defense BASULTA as main facilitators.

The Office of Civil Defense BASULTA headed by Ret.Gen. Ramon Santos, with his eight  well trained personnel’s was tapped as the main facilitators during the training.

The OCD BASULTA has been conducting this kind of activity with the different line agencies in their area of responsibilities that includes the islands of Basilan Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. They were being formed in 2011 with a specific function, to build resilient communities and mitigate the impact in all kinds of disaster by way of awareness and trainings guided by the National Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Council.

“Philippines is a country considered as vulnerable to all types of natural hazards and it is because of its geographical location,”explained speaker Marx Sorino during the traning. “This is the main reason that we should have to conduct this kind of acitivity. And as much as possible we can make this kind of acitivity 24/7 and our office is open 24/7” Sorino added in his speech.

“Tsunami in Indonesia and Japan was cited as one of the examples of disaster that resulted in more casualties and we don’t want it to happen in our places. Our country has 22 active volcanoes out of 300 and yearly we’ve been visited by at least 20 tropical cyclones  according to the risk profile,” Sorino said.

This activity is basically for personal consumption and a preparatory course for the AFP personnel in response by the request of the Holy Mary Rosary Family Center to U7 of Wesmiincom to give a Disaster Relief and Rescue Training to 500 to 700 participants in their youth camp this coming May 10-12, 2012, Maj. Vicente Enriquez OIC of U7 said in an interview.

“We tapped the OCD BASULTA to train us because they have all the knowledge and expertise in Disaster Risk Reduction and we have the logistics and manpower. It is really a need nowadays, youth play a major role has the largest number of the population so it is a good thing that the youth now is getting involved with this kind of training and it is a good start. AFP has been responding giving assistance mostly during emergencies. But now we should act proactively, we should start to act before disaster will happen,” Maj. Enriquez added.