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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 13:59

Reacting to reports that the Lobregat-Climaco-Fabian triumvirate has been broken, Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday intimated that he will remain friends with District 2 Cong. Erbie Fabian by saying “ta considera yo con Erbie amigo para siempre”.

Mayor Lobregat re-echoed Cong. Fabian’s statement published in March 12: “I cannot sacrifice true friendship for politics. We’ve been together in so many political battles. Fighting against each other and breaking the team work and unity made so pronounced by the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat is totally unacceptable to me”.

Indeed, Mayor Lobregat said, he and Cong. Fabian (Nationalista Party) and District 1 Cong. Beng Climaco (Liberal Party) and other members of the local Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) have fought many political battles together in the past because of a common goal which is to protect and preserve Zamboanga. “And I still believe that will still be fighting our battles for the good of Zamboanga”.

Lobregat asserted that he had to come out in the open Tuesday to rectify published reports that he junked the District 2 solon in favor of Cong. Climaco for the mayoralty post in next year’s elections and consequently breaking up the Lobregat-Climaco-Fabian triumvirate.

He confirmed that he met with the two solons Thursday evening (May 3) to give both officials an honest-to-goodness assessment of the consultations he had with various sectors concerning who to field as mayor in the coming elections.

“As third term mayor and as party leader, it is my duty and my responsibility to consult with people as to who is the best candidate we can put for the good of Zamboanga,” he said. And with the announcement of an outside force to run for mayor in Zamboanga in 2013, the mayor lately has been asking another question: “who is the best candidate we can put to ensure that the mayoralty remains in the hands of the people of Zamboanga?”.

He confirmed that the vast majority of the people whom he consulted with, chose (Cong) Beng Climaco as candidate to run for mayor.

“I have to break my silence to refute what came out in the papers,” the mayor said referring to his Tuesday’s public statements. “I hope that man junto-juntu kita todo para el bien del Ciudad de Zamboanga but when you say man juntu-junto kita, you do not mean to say that you are guaranteeing a position for everybody”.

Even in past elections, other candidates who vied for various posts in the LDP slate but failed to make it in the selection process adhered to the call of the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat ‘man juntu-junto kita’ by staying with the group and became the party’s best campaigners and supporters, he said.
“I will remain amigos para siempre y man juntu-junto kita para el bien del Zamboanga,” the mayor added. — Sheila Covarrubias