Erbie strongly believes he was dumped so Jomar can run PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 14:00

“It would be a three cornered fight.”
This was the statement of last term District 2 Congressman Erbie A. Fabian yesterday as he said that he is now more inclined to run for mayor in next year’s election.

“Definitely i will just follow the dictate of my supporters and followers. Sila mismo ta abla kay declara ya daw gayot. So i said to them, well if that is what you want, so I will say so,” Fabian said in an interview over RMN Zamboanga as he revealed that he is now in the process of consultations with some friends who he believes will rally behind him in his next political move.

“I will try to do my very best to give the best shot. i will also try to do the  my best to really concretize what is best for Zamboanga then we will leave  everything to the people and let them decide at the end of the day,” Fabian said.

Asked about the so-called survey and consultations that were mentioned by Mayor Celso Lobregat showing Congresswoman Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar as leading in the mayoralty race, Fabian expressed belief that it was just used as an  excuse to take him out of the picture in so far as the political plan of the Lobregat’s group is concerned.

“I am now more inclined to run . The idea was really to inform me and I am left with no option. But i understand..,this is politics all about,” Fabian said.
“Numas ya ase largo el cuento.The idea was really for Jomar Lobregat to run for congress in District 2, Mayor Celso in District 1 and to field  Beng Climaco against me,” Fabian lamented.

“The best thing that the group should have done is to look for a win-win  solution and that is Mayor Lobregat to run in District 2, Climaco-Salazar to finish her term in the first district and for me to gun for the mayoralty post to maintain the so-called political triumvirate.

He added: “I believe that Celso will not agree with this idea because his brother is running.”

Sources said that Fabian has started contacting potential and dedicated leaders in the city to compose his line up which will be formally organized after his  meeting with the top officials of the Nationalista Party (NP). — Jimmy Villaflores