Police rule out terrorism in Baliwasan explosion PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 14:02

Police have ruled out terrorism as the motive behind Monday’s bomb explosion in Baliwasan Tabuk, this city.

This developed as the second victim in the explosion expired while undergoing treatment in a hospital.

Police said that Al Fahad Diminsil was declared dead by attending physicians at the Brent Hospital few hours after the incident.

The other fatality was only identified as a certain Alji, who like Diminsil, arrived last Sunday from Jolo, Sulu, and have stayed at the house of Nurul Samali and Anna Ummal, their relatives.

Before 5 p.m. last Monday, a loud explosion was heard from the said house  where Alji and  Diminsil were found with shrapnel wounds. Alji was dead on the spot.

The house suffered major damages.

Police Regional Office-9 (PRO-9) Deputy Regional Director for Administration (DRDA) Chief Supt. Mario Yanga, in ruling out terrorism, said that the incident was a “premature detonation.”

“Actually, it was really an accident,” Yanga added citing the explosives they were fabricating prematurely exploded.

Yanga, who is the Zamboanga City police officer-in-charge, said Alji and Diminsil supply explosives to blast fishermen and in exchange buy their catch at a discounted price.

“They were businessmen engaged in illegal activities,” Yanga added.

Zamboanga City police’ explosive ordnance demolition chief Senior Insp. Cesar Memoracion said the explosive prematurely exploded since they were using improvised blasting caps which are dangerous to assemble.

A blasting cap is a small sensitive primary explosive device generally used to detonate a larger, more powerful and less sensitive secondary explosive such as trinitrotoluene (TNT), dynamite, or plastic explosive.

Blasting caps come in a variety of types, some of which are non-electric caps, electric caps, and fuse caps.

Aside from newly-assembled blasting caps, Memoracion said they have also recovered three of 20-liter containers filled with nitric acid, which is also a delicate chemical, used by the two in the fabrication of improvised blast caps. – With report from Dan Toribio Jr.