Village chiefs declare: ‘Zambo City not for sale’ PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 May 2012 13:26

A group of barangay officials in the city have lamented the apparent attempt of some traditional politicians to sell Zamboanga City if only to advance their personal interests.

The village chiefs observed that while election is still a year away, instead of focusing on giving services to the people of Zamboanga, several politicians as well as wannabes have been busy realigning forces and have announced or expressed intentions to run for mayor or for congressman to fill positions that
will be left vacant by Mayor Celso Lobregat and District 2 Cong. Erbie Fabian, come May 2013 elections.

The group, which requested anonymity, also scoffed on the plan of what it termed as traditional politicians from a nearby area to seek top elective positions in the city, with the aid of fellow traditional politicians who are willing to sell the city for their own interests.

“Will the true blue blooded Zamboangueños sell Zamboanga City?” the group asked stressing “alla  ya lang na de ustedes lugar, mi ciudad de Zamboanga not for sale. Residents of the city will not allow you to bring our resources to other areas like what you did and are doing to other areas”.

The group said the residents of Zamboanga are wise voters and will never allow such wicked plans to materialize. 

And for those local politicians and wannabes who wish to join the group, the village chiefs have this to ask: “Why are our local politicians who are against the Lobregat administration willing to hire an import for mayor? Are they going to use their imported candidate to sell Zamboanga City for them to achieve their mission?”. — Jessie Sua