DepEd readies Brigada Escuela in Zambo by May 21 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 12 May 2012 13:48

The Department of Education (DepEd) is preparing for its Brigada Escuela which will begin on May 21 in the city’s 98 barangays to prepare schools and classrooms in these communities for the June 4 start of classes.

Division of City Schools Acting Superintendent Melchor Natividad said the activity will last for a week or more depending on the state of disrepair of these schools that must be prepared for the city’s some 186,990 students that will flock to classrooms next month.

Natividad said the activity will not only prepare these schools for classroom work but will revive the bayanihan spirit in the community.

After the Brigada Escuela activity, classes can immediately begin during the first day of classes because the rooms have been cleaned, painted or prepared
for occupancy by the parents and other education stakeholders.

Since enrollment already started in the public schools last month, the division office projects an enrollment of 10,328 kindergarten pupils and 128,557 pupils for the elementary grades or a total off 138,885 students to be accommodated in the city’s 171 elementary schools.

There is also a projected enrollment of 48,008 students for the city’s 34 public high schools established not only in the city proper but in far flung populous barangays.

The projected enrollment in the public elementary schools in the kindergarten at 10,326 is near triple the enrollment of 3,471 in the city’s 51 privately run kindergarten and preparatory schools.

The bigger difference in enrollment is in the elementary grades with 128,557 students in the public schools and only 7,747 in 38 private schools.

The same disparity in enrollment between the private and public high schools with 48,008 enrolled in public schools compared to only 8,837 in 30 private secondary schools.

At the same time, Natividad announced that there will be reassignments of at least 59 elementary school principals and nine secondary school principals at the opening of school year 2012-2013.

Natividad said the reassignment of school principals will provide these educators more experiences in managing schools and provide their services where they are needed, mostly in bigger schools compared to their previous assignments. — PIA