Beng: Sin tax law, energy priorities in Congress PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 14:10

The amendment of the Sin Tax Law now known as House Bill 5727 and the efforts to improve the power situation in Mindanao are among the priority measures tackled by the House of Representatives since the resumption of the sessions last Monday, May 7.

House Deputy Speaker for Mindanao and District 1 Representative Beng Climaco said Congress has approved the amendment of Republic Act 9334 or the Sin Tax Law and is now known as House Bill 5727 that reforms the excise tax on alcohol and tobacco and to help earn more revenues that shall be allotted to universal health care.

The amendment of the sin tax law is one of the priorities of the Aquino administration.

Department of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, in a recent gathering in Malacañang  has expressed gratitude to Deputy Speaker Climaco for the passage of the bill in Congress that would greatly help the government in advancing the health programs.

“We thank the House Committee on Ways and Means for the hardwork they are putting in making sure that this also is made a priority in our legislation”, Cong. Climaco emphasized.

It was in the same Malacañang gathering that the Deputy Speaker was also informed by Energy Secretary Rene Almendras about efforts to reduce the blackout.

“We would like to accomplish as many as possible to ensure the prompt delivery of our services to the people. We continue to parallel our legislation to the priorities of the government in making sure that new laws will spell out tangible changes in the everyday lives of our people,”  Climaco said.

The Deputy Speaker sits in the Power Commission, a joint commission of the Congress-Senate that tackles the Power Crisis in the country. —Marvin Segura