Another drug haven tagged at Bugokok, Sta. Catalina PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 14:04

Supt. William S. Gadayan, chief of the Zamboanga City  Public Safety Company, revealed yesterday that shabu pushing is rampant at Sitio Bugokok in Barangay Sta. Catalina.

Gadayan said that he and his men conducted last Friday night a joint operation against illegal drugs and wanted persons and tried to penetrate Sitio Bugokok, through the coastal area of Rio Hondo, but the operation was aborted because they were detected by several “lookouts”.

Gadayan and his men carried out the commando-type operation with troopers of the 9th Regional Public Safety Battalion led by Sr. Insp. Alviar.

He said they used five boats without engines so that the targets will not notice them at night, but they decided to abort the mission because they sensed that the “lookouts” have spotted them.

He also said that his command has received an intelligence information that the look-outs of the drug pushers are mostly pedicab drivers living  in the area and people living in the area have high-powered firearms.

He explained that  Sitio Bugokok is also the hiding place and satellite of operations of wanted drug pusher Margani Samla alias Bin laden who is now in  hiding.

Gadayan reported to City Police Office Officer-in-Charge Chief Supt. Mario B.  Yanga that finger wharves connecting the coastal area of Rio Hondo to  Sitio Bugokok have been constructed thereat illegally .

He quoted intelligence reports to have said  that the illegal finger wharves owned by a certain Mohammad are  used for illegal  activities.

Gadayan further said that in the police campaign against drug pushers, his command have already arrested some 20 suspected drug pushers and recovered one M14 rifle, two mortars — one 81mm and 60 mm — , one 45 caliber and 38 caliber pistols.

Gadayan has detailed one team in Barangay Recodo to support government forces against drug pushers in the area. — Allen Abastillas