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Monday, 28 May 2012 15:09

After getting a new building and blood bank center courtesy of the city government, the Red Cross Zamboanga Chapter is securing a new and bigger centrifuge, a blood separator equipment to address the increasing demand for blood services in the city and the region.

Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwendolyn Pang announced this during the inauguration and turnover of the city government-funded new Red Cross building and blood bank center in Pettit Barracks Friday afternoon, as she cited the Zamboanga PRC as one of the best chapters not only in Mindanao but in the entire country.

In her message, Pang said the PRC, through the Board of Governors led by Sen. Dick Gordon has approved to assign in Zamboanga a 12-placer blood bank centrifuge to replace the existing 4-placer blood separator facility and to ensure better and expanded service to the public.

“Three years ago, si Mayor (Lobregat) spoke to our Chairman (Gordon) to secure a funding of P2 million from the senator’s Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for the purchase of a centrifuge facility, so we had a 4-placer centrifuge for the ZC chapter. But this time it will be replaced by a 12-placer centrifuge para mas maraming dugo to prepare for different components na kakailangan ng pasyente”, Pang said eliciting loud applause from the audience.

In view of increasing challenges, the Red Cross has to improve not just the way it delivers services but also enhance the facilities to make it more presentable and functional to have a spacious area for PRC staff and volunteers to work to address to the needs of the people, she said.

Lobregat together with some members of the City Council happily turned over to Mrs. Pang and the local Red Cross officials headed by Administrator Vic Liozo Jr. and Board of Directors chairperson Dr. Mila Fernandez, the newly reconstructed/ rehabilitated and expanded Red Cross chapter building and blood center which the City Government funded at a cost of P6.9 million.

The secretary general thanked Lobregat, who is a PRC governor, for setting aside government funds for the reconstruction, rehabilitation and expansion of the Red cross chapter building and blood bank center. “This is the kind of leader that we really need in the Red Cross, really selfless and looking into the needs and how we can best improve our facilities and best equip our chapters”.

In 2010, Pang recalled, Mayor Lobregat also came into the aid of the Zamboanga Red Cross when Chairman Gordon assigned an ambulance through his PDAF on condition that the local chapter put up its share of over P450,000 to pay for the facility. “The city government through Mayor Lobregat paid P450, 000 and the rest was paid by the PRC to secure the ambulance.

For this and all other support and assistance from the city government, she said the Zamboang PRC chapter can surely improve its services and be the best performing chapter in the country.

Pang likewise cited the Zamboanga PRC Board of Directors headed by Dr. Fernandez as well as the staff headed by Liozo for their hard work and voluntary efforts just to ensure that the people’s demands are met.

The board of directors, she said, being the extension and representatives of the Board of Governors in the city and the different parts of the country, play a very important role in the delivery of services to the people.

Similar expression of gratitude went to District 1 Rep/  Beng Climaco, who, during the turnover ceremony of the building, also handed over to the Zamboanga Red Cross chapter a symbolic check for P1 million for the purchase of equipment for the blood bank.

Aside from improving the facilities and equipping the blood bank center, Pang also hoped that the Zamboanga chapter can be the region’s training center for Red Cross volunteers in line with the PRC’s effort to improve the capability of its personnel and volunteers through continuous training.

The Zamboanga blood bank center is one of the 22 out of the 32 blood centers that the Department of Health designated to be managed and operated by the PRC. The 10 others are operated by hospitals.

All these improvements and expansions being done will be additional points to the local chapter in the bid to secure the ISO (International Standardization Organization) certification, which means excellence in the field of service.  — Sheila Covarrubias