Alcala turns over to Sibugay various agri projects, items PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 May 2012 15:11

The Department of Agriculture has poured in Zamboanga Sibugay various agricultural equipment and facilities, projects  as well as other items to boost economic activities and give more benefits to rubber tree planters and agricultural farmers as well as fisherfolks in the province.

Zamboanga Sibugay Governor Rommel Jalosjos thanked Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala for visiting his province last Friday during which he formally announced the package of projects, agricultural equipment and facilities and other items.

Among the projects poured in Sibugay by DA are: Training modules and new technology for rubber farmers, seedlings, fertilizers, motorized pumpboats, aquaculture,fishnets and fishcage, fingerling assistance, hand tractors, carabaos and goats, post harvest equipment for corn and rice, fertilizer for corn,rice and ather agricultural products, solar dryer, corn shellers and rice mills, strifing machines for abaca farmers, construction of multi-purpose trading center for the farmers, seedbanks and storage for the farmers and highgrade rice seed assistance for farmers.

Of all the projects given by Secretary Alcala, instantly,  Gov. Jalojos approved 15 percent counterpart funds from the budget of the provincial government as required by the DA secrerary.

Alcala told coconut farmers that they are given free seedlings of high grade coconut for them to plant in their farms. They can avail of the free coconut
seedlings by visiting the Philippine  Coconut Authority office.

He also told Gov. Jalosjos that DA, together with the National Irrigation Authority under Administrator Antonio S. Nangel, will conduct a feasibility study on how to convert the rivers of the province into hydropower plant to produce electricity so that province will have sufficient power in the future.

Alcala, together with Jalosjos, held a dialogue with the people and visited Siay, GARBEMCO Kabasalan, the coastal area of the province and the area of Rep. Jalosjos.

Moreover, Alcala informed Jalosjos that by 2013,  the country will no longer import rice from other countries. DA under the instruction of President Nonoy Aquino, will focus on the development of  highgrade and quality rice for the Philippines.

Jalosjos disclosed that under his leadership, he will protect the rubber industry of the province and boost its agricultural and aquaculture production for a brighter future of Zamboanga Sibugay.

He expressed optimism that rubber tree and other agricultural farmers as well as fisherfolks in the province will have equal footing and degree with other professions in the country.

He reasoned out that without farmers, there will be no doctors, lawyers, engineers or leaders in the country because the food they eat come from agricultural farms.

Jalosjos also conferred with the Alcala together with officials of the Zamboanga Peninsula Peacekeepers Rubber Producers Cooperative (ZAMPEN)  founded by him.

ZAMPEN will help rubber tree farmers on how to produce  high grade rubber tree  latex with world-class excellence quality standard.

ZAMPEN will soon supply excellent rubber latex to the world market, Jalosjos said.

District 2 Rep. Janjan Jalosjos said he has a scholarship program for the children of farmers and fisherfolks in the province.

District 1 Rep. Jonathan Yambao, on the other hand, said he has authored a bill in the Lower House seeking to encourage and provide scholarship to agriculture students in the country.

Rep. Jalosjos has opened the Tripartite Rubber Expansion and Enhancement ( RAJTREE ) Program Nursery along Veterans Avenue where rubber seedlings are to be distributed to rubber tree farmers of Zamboanga Sibugay.

Meanwhile, Alcala was impressed by the presentation of Micaella “Jing” Johnson, Gov. Jalosjos’ executive consultant on rubber production, on how to propagate rubber trees and how to produce rubber latex.

The presentation was made during a conference with  Gov. Jalosjos, Johnson, Rep. Jalosjos and Rep. Yambao at the governor’s office.   

It was the first time for Alcala first time to visit the Rubber capital of the country.

“I hope this is the beginning for all of us to pave our road to agri- industrialization and promote climate responsive food production systems, strengthen our farmers organizations for sustainable livelihood programs to help alleviate poverty in our country,” Johnson said during the conference. — Allen Abastillas