3 Climacos loom in 2013 election PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 May 2012 16:39

If plans will not miscarry, there will be three Climacos gunning for the city’s top three elective positions in the 2013 polls..

They are Congresswoman Beng Climaco-Salazar, Dr. Cesar F. Climaco Jr., son of Zamboanga City’s legendary Mayor Cesar C.Climaco, and Atty. Abelardo “Tonggo” Climaco Jr, a former councilor and vice mayor.

Cong. Beng Climaco, who has still one and last congressional term to complete, is the choice of outgoing Mayor Celso Lobregat to run for mayor. If she says yes to Lobregat’s offer, she will clash with political ally Congressman Erbie A. Fabian and former Zamboanga del Norte Congressman Romeo Jalosjos, who had already announced his candidacy for the mayoralty post in Zamboanga City.

Fabian, who is on his last term as congressional representative in District 2, is likely to run for mayor in the 2013 election.

Dr. Climaco, also known as Dr. Junie,  confirmed during an interview over DXKZ 91.5  Wild FM’s nightly radio show “El Isyu Ahora” that he is running for the congressional seat in District 1 in the mid-term poll next year.

“I’m back to serve my fellow Zamboangueños and I will run for congress in District 1,” Climaco said.

Dr. Junie, who is Cesar Climaco’s second eldest son, migrated to the United States at the height of Martial Law in 1972 when his father who was Zamboanga City mayor became the political critic of then President Ferdinand Marcos.
He stayed in the US for some 40 years and practiced as a surgeon in different states until he decided to return to Zamboanga City last November.
Climaco said he is running for congress as he complained that Zamboanga City has lagged behind as compared to other cities in the country.

The 69-year-old Climaco complained that most of the present leaders don’t deserve to be in their positions citing peace and order and cleanliness problems as reasons.

“If I rate Mayor Celso Lobregat’s administration, I’ll give him less than  4 in  a scale of 1 to 10,” said Dr. Climaco who is the first cousin of Cong. Beng

Dr. Climaco also said that he has no personal problem with his cousin Beng. “But I want her (Beng) to run for mayor,” he said. Until now Beng has remained silent as to what position she will run in 2013.

Lastly, Atty. Tonggo Climaco said he will run for the congressional seat in District 2, where he will clash with Dapitan City Councilor Mercy Aquiza, who is running under the Jalosjos group, and possibly Councilor Lilia Nuño, who has been open about her ambition to run for the congressional seat in District 2.

Atty. Climaco disclosed during a visit to the editorial office of Daily Zamboanga Times together with Dr. Climaco that both of them will run under the banner of Liberal Party- Concerned Citizens Aggrupation (CCA) which was founded by the late mayor Cesar Climaco in 1980.

Atty. Climaco showed a letter addressed to the city election registrar wherein he and Dr. Climaco are inquiring about the procedures, fees and other official action for them to revive CCA.