Fabian to media: ‘I won’t be who I am today if not because of you…’ PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 June 2012 14:56

“I am who I am today because of you.”
This was the remark made by 2nd District Rep. Erbie A. Fabian during last Saturday’s opening rites of the 2nd leg of the Erbie Fabian Bowling Cup at the
Tebi and Sean Bowling Center in Gov. Camins Road.

Fabian paid tribute to the city’s working press who he said has helped him tremendously in his career as a public servant after he chose to join government service.

Fabian, a noted radio and television broadcaster, was one of those from the media ranks who made a successful transition to politics in a widely successful political career spanning over 20 years.

The Erbie A. Fabian Bowling Cup is on its second leg, providing an avenue to the members of the fourth estate here to engage in sporting activities.

It will be played for four consecutive Saturdays except the forthcoming Saturday as close to 10 teams signed up for the bowlfest.

The entries to the tourney are being led by recent cup champions RPN 5 and runner up Sky Cable Systems, and ABS CBN.

Fabian’s own outfit is fielding two teams composed of members from his congressional staff and EBAF Productions.

The 2nd District Solon added, his stint in the media has afforded him the rare opportunity of having a deeper perspective of the needs of the common people in the city.

He appreciates this and has translated this inner knowledge into an effective brand of governance touching bases with the pulse of the people and keeping an intimate relationship with his constituent based on mutual respect and understanding.

Fabian added he totally supports the sports undertakings of the media reiterating his commitment to sport development in the city.

He lauded the efforts of the Press club officialdom headed by President Philip Abuy in undertaking the bowling series for the media here.

Play got underway following the short program with five of the teams seeing action taking to the lanes.

Winners will take home cash prizes provided for by Rep. Fabian himself.