Zampen was peaceful as Pacquiao, Bradley exchange punches PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 June 2012 14:39

Tranquility mixed with excitement prevailed in the whole of Zamboanga Peninsula when  boxing icon Manny Pacquiao was exchanging blows with Timothy Bradley yesterday in Las Vegas.

Sr. Supt. Roy Bahian, chief of the Regional Operations Plans Division reported to Police Regional Director Chief Supt. Napoleon R. Estilless that during the boxing bout between Pacquiao and Bradley,  there was no crime incident as reported by all Police Provincial Offices, City Police Offices and municipal police stations.

Many urban centers in Zamboanga Peninsula became virtual ghost towns because young and old folks stayed at home or in restaurants and similar places where they watch the Pacquiao-Bradley fight via satellite telecast or via Solar Sports channel in cable TV.

Chief Supt. Estilles was happy because the boxing fight between Pacquiao and Bradley gave contribution to tranquility not only in the whole region, but throughout to the country.

“I’m glad that the fight of Pacquiaoand Bradley made people united,” Estilles said.

Estilles has sponsored a pay-per-view satellite TV in Camp Abendan where all policemen and civilians watched the fight for free.

”I sponsored this pay-per-view so that policemen  will have high morale and give them break for a long week of work,” Estilles said. — Allen Abastillas