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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 13:49

Once again, the entire world is taking a leap to celebrate the IMO Resolution declaring every 25th day of June as “Day of Seafarers “ pursuant to the 2010 Manila Conference on the STCW Convention. This day is a way of recognizing the important role and contribution of the seafarers to the maritime industry and global economy. Internationally acclaimed also as the “sailing ambassadors” , this is the day of thanking the seafarers and pay tribute to their invaluable effort and gestures,  dedication to promote the safety of life at sea and the marine environment.

Locally, June 25, 2012, the celebration is highlighted with different culminating activities and duly participated by different government agencies, stakeholders, operators, seafarers, students, maritime schools and training center/s.

Such as, holding short program at the local wharf, blowing of horns of all vessels at port, releasing of colorful balloons by all participant-stakeholders. This is a way of signifying reminder to all, especially those who often overlooked their contribution to the maritime transportation activities and economy and that they deserve utmost respect and commendable salute.

Hence, the DOTC family spearheaded by Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Philippine Coast Guard ( PCG) and Phil. Ports Authority (PPA) for this activity, joined hands in inviting all seafarers, their families and friends to witness and be united with us in the celebration of the “Day pf the Filipino Seafarers”, pursuant to the pronouncement of President NoyNoy Aquino last June 3, 2011 declaring every 25th Day of June of each year as “Day of Filipino Seafarers”.