Atilano to Zamcelco staff, employees: ‘Clean the house’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 June 2012 14:54

As an initial aggressive reform in the cooperative, newly elected Zamcelco Board President Elbert “Bong” Atilano has challenged casual and regular employees to work hard and clean its own backyard.

”We need to clean the house to set up a direction,” Atilano said during his first day in office early this week.

Zamcelco has a total of 221 regular employees and 109 contractual workers in management, technical and related services.

Atilano said the contractual workers who are working hard will automatically become regular employees while regular employees will remain in their salary level.

“Unless if the system loss will decrease by 13% ,then our cooperative will be using high technology and increase of employees’ salary,” Atilano stressed.

Zamcelco OIC and NEA Consultant Charito Mabitazan lauded Atilano’s move saying it is for the betterment of the cooperative and congratulated Zamcelco’s rank-and-file for the successful annual general assembly.

“Stop collecting illegal connections as member-consumers are our bread and butter. We need to work hard, straightforward and faster than electricity,” Atilano said.

Yesterday, Atilano apprehended an alleged Zamcelco employee for pilfering and collecting illegal connections. The case is still under investigation. — MLF