First dialogue on rubber production held in Siay, Sibugay PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 June 2012 13:48

The First Dialogue Assembly for Environment Inter-Municipal and Inter-Barangay intervention  through Rommel A. Jalosjos Tripartite Rubber Expansion and  Enhancement Program (RAJTREE) was held in Siay municipality, Zamboanga Sibugay last Thursday.

The dialogue, attended by all of Siay’s barangay chairmen, was very fruitful.

Zamboanga Sibugay Governor Rommel A. Jalosjos told the participants that their role as leader of the barangay is very important because they are in the forefront to educate the rubber tree farmers for quality rubber production.

“Let’s help each other to protect and preserve our environment for our children and children’s children. Let’s make Sibugay green with good and clean air by planting good rubber trees. Rubber trees planting is not only for the preservation and protection of the environment, but for creating livelihood, generating employment  and income for the government. It will uplift the living condition of the people for our children’s future. Let’s strengthen our family, let’s strengthen our industry, strengthen and preserve our environment and strengthen our economy through rubber production. I want farmers’ equal putting with the doctors and lawyers. Our Sibugay, our Rubber industry and our tomorrow,”  Jalosjos declared during the dialogue.

Mircaella F. Johnson, executive consultant for rubber production of Gov. Jalosjos, disclosed that three to five years from now,  five million rubber trees will be fully grown and ready for tapping in Sibugay. The rubber trees of RAJTREE are the windbreaker variety.

Johnson urged the people to fasttrack their planting because the world market is waiting for this kind of top quality rubber latex.

She said that planting of this kind of rubber tree variety is a preventive measure against natural calamities and disasters.

Siay Mayor Julius T. Acosta c ommended Gov. Jalosjos for the RAJTREE program and projects which will be a big help for the rubber farmers to make their products world class products.

“It will make people more busy. In fact the people use motorbikes to tap the latex from the rubber trees. Siay also produces good quality boneless dried dangit fish, calamansi juice, rice and wild river prawns. RAJTREE is big thing that will uplift the socio-economic status of the people,” Acosta said. — Allen Abastillas