Celso enjoins speaking of chabacano on June 23 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 June 2012 15:50

In commemoration of Dia de Fundacion de Chabacano, Mayor Celso Lobregat has issued an executive order enjoining the speaking of chabacano in all schools and colleges, government offices and private establishments in the city on Saturday, June 23.

Executive Order CL-459-2012 issued on June 18, highlights the history of chabacano, a Spanish derivative language and the celebration of June 23 as the Dia de Fundacion de Chabacano.

Chabacano traces its roots to the laying of the cornerstone of Fuerza de San Jose on June 23, 1635, which in 1719, was renamed as “Real Fuerza de Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragozza” (Fort Pilar). 

Mayor Lobregat said chabacano language was “borne out of necessity of an admixture of tribes, races and culture” and out of it evolved a distinct language that is predominantly Spanish in origin with at least 60% Espanol and 40% native words and survived to this very day.

“The chabacano language is indeed a true reflection of our rich culture and a testimony of our heritage and our link to the meaningful and colorful past”, the mayor said stressing that this is “precisely what sets Zamboanguenos apart from the rest of the Filipino people, living in a paradise branded as “Asia’s latin City”.

The city government is steadfast in its resolve, as initiated through ordinances, legislative resolutions and executive issuances the preservation and promotion of Chabacano in the city.

Last April 26, 2011, Mayor Lobregat issued EO CL 401-2011 with the aim of preserving, perpetuating and promoting the Chabacano language through the publication of the workbook “El Primer Alfabeto Chabacano” to be used as text for all government-run day care centers and for basic education in public schools and likewise encouraging its use in private schools in the city.

Mayor Lobregat emphasized that “notwithstanding the ethno-linguistic character of the city, with the forthcoming anniversary celebration of “Dia de Fundacion de Chabacano” on June 23, 2012, there is a need to enjoin the residents of the city and the entire Zamboangueno community to speak chabacano in all schools and colleges, all government offices and private establishments in the city of Zamboanga to continue to preserve, perpetuate and promote our very own unique, rich and distinctive local culture and language”. — Sheila Covarrubias