Police rescue 2 young men from slay attempt PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 June 2012 14:13

Operatives of the Ayala Police Station led by Sr. Insp. Edilberto Alvarez rescued two young men who were about to be executed by four armed men for yet unknown reason at dawn yesterday.

Alvarez and his men were manning a checkpoint around 2 a.m. in Ayala where  a Navara pickup truck with plate number KDY 493  was stopped for inspection.

The policemen became suspicious when they saw two handcuffed and blind-folded persons aboard the vehicle.  

When interrogated, the four other men aboard the pickup truck, including the driver, said the two blind-folded persons were new recruits of a fraternity.

However, one of the policemen recognized one of the blind-folded lad as Jhomeini Laja. He and the other lawmen immediately held the four men and rescued Laja, a resident of Guiwan, and Ronald Tomy of Tetuan.

Arrested were Fidal Hawari y Jngas, Mus Hari y Mohammad, Mijajo Arabani y Toto and Sanimar Maludin y Aliakbar, all residents of Suterville, this city. Two women who were also aboard the vehicle were arrested too. They were identified as Raquel German and Angelica Bolante.

Alvarez and his men confiscated from the four suspects an AK-47 rifle, .a 45 caliber pistol and a 9mm UZI submachine gun, all loaded with rounds of ammunition.

In an interview, Laja said it was him the suspects allegedly wanted to kill and his friend Tomy was caught in the middle of a dispute between him and the four men

Laja said he and the suspects know each others and last Thursday afternoon he received a call from them instructing him to go to their house in Suterville.

With all innocence, Tomy accompanied Laja to Suterville. However, when they arrived at the designated house, they were terrified when the four men started mauling them. They were then handcuffed and blind-folded.

At dawn yesterday, they were dragged to the Navara pick-up truck that was driven by Hawari. The vehicle proceeded west.

Laja said the suspects were planning to kill them somewhere in the west coast. He added that jealousy could have been the reason behind the slay attempt, but he did not elaborate.

The suspects brought along with them two women.

One of the women, German,  denied any knowledge of the killing plot.

She said that she and Bolante were just brought along by the suspects and because of fear, they boarded the vehicle.

German added that she and Bolante were working as house helpers of the four gunmen.– Dan Toribio Jr.