Sr. Insp. Alvarez, men take over Ayala Police Station PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 June 2012 13:56

Sr. Insp. Edilberto Alvarez yesterday clarified that he and his men who are currently in charge of the Ayala Police Station are not the officers and personnel who were relieved by Police Regional Director Chief Supt. Napoleon Estilles as reported in a banner story in yesterday issue of Daily Zamboanga Times.

Alvarez, who together with his men from the City Public Safety Company and 9th Regional Public Safety Battalion, rescued two young men from being killed by four armed men, said they are in fact the replacement of those who were relieved recently due to laxity in the performance of duty.

Alvarez issued the clarification to avoid wrong impression that it was he and his men who were sacked for inefficiency.

“My men and I who are currently in charge of the Ayala Police Station are working hard to combat criminalities in our areas of juridiction. My men are dedicated and are always on alert and awake up to 3 or 4 a.m. in the performance of duties...We just want to make it clear that we are not the ones who were relieved,” Alvarez said.

In fact, he said, it was his project and mission that have resulted in the dismantling of the drug syndicate and the “shabu tiangge” in Recodo.

As of the moment, Alvarez said, his men are still adjusting to their new areas of jurisdiction as most of them are now from this place.

“We are coordinating with barangay officials for intelligence information because most of my men are in not so familiar terrain,” Alvarez explained.

Chief Supt. Estilles has relieved the former officers and personnel of the Ayala Police Station due to laxity and unsatisfactory performance. They were required them to undergo a 30-day refresher course on police works and operations at the 9th Regional Special Training Unit in Camp Abendan, Mercedes.

Estilles’ directive was an offshoot of the recent crackdown on the drug syndicate in Recodo, where authorities discovered a “shabu tiangge” which was found out to be in existence for a long time now. Recodo is under the jurisdiction of the Ayala Police Staion.

Estilles said the training is very important because it will give the policemen the opportunity to learn new things on police works.

The course will remind the Ayala Police Station officers and personnel to stay vigilant and alert at all cost while in the performance of their duties and mission to the community where they are assigned. They will be refreshed on police doctrines on  Makadiyos, Makabayan, Makatao and Makakalikasan.

PRO9 Operations Division Chief Sr. Supt. Roy Bahian disclosed that the former officers and personnel of Ayala Police Station will also undergo a 30-day  Cadet Character Aptitude Development Training.

The crackdown in Recodo led by Sr. Insp. Alvarez resulted in the dismantling of the drug syndicate and the arrest of some of its leaders and members. — RR