San Mateo Mayor cites Celso’s vision for Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 July 2012 14:29

“I am very proud of the Zamboangueños especially Mayor Lobregat because he has revitalized Zamboanga and I can appreciate the vision and I can see clearly the way that he wants Zamboanga to become in the future”.

Thus declared San Mateo Municipal Mayor Jose Rafael Diaz in an interview with reporters immediately after he signed the sisterhood agreement with the city government of Zamboanga through Mayor Celso Lobregat in City Hall recently.

He expressed confidence that his municipality and the city of Zamboanga will greatly benefit from the sisterhood agreement through sharing of best practices and technologies. Both areas have much to learn from each other, he stressed.

Very beautiful and romanticized, are the terms he used when asked to describe Zamboanga and said: “I hope the Philippines can appreciate more the cultural heritage of the Zamboangueños as a reflection of the culture of the Philippines, it is only here in Zamboanga that we are able to preserve that level of cultural integrity that we have lost for so long”.

He volunteered that Mayor Lobregat, as the city’s chief executive, is doing very well in making Zamboanga at par with the rest of the country. “I can see clearly the way that he wants Zamboanga to become in the future—a future pearl, crown jewel of the Philippines to be appreciated by the whole nation and representative of all the cities in Asia”.

Mayor Diaz, who has travelled to a lot of areas not only in the country but in other parts of the world, admitted that Zamboanga is incomparable. “I have been to other cities also and Zamboanga is incomparable. I have seen a lot of sites in the city and I can say that you can do so much that the Philippines can be proud of”.

The municipal mayor vowed to help promote Zamboanga’s tourism saying that San Mateo will be the campaign manager of Zamboangueños on the other side of the Philippines.

He said Zamboanga will be included in his municipality’s list of veritable destination and that businessmen and prospective investors will be brought here to explore possibilities of partnership and business ventures.

Mayor Diaz and his vice mayor, Bartolome Rivera Jr. and 11 other members of the Sangguniang Bayan and the municipal government arrived in Zamboanga June 22 for the sisterhood agreement signing ceremony June 23 at City Hall. The event highlighted the Zamboanga celebration of Dia de Fundancion de Chabacano. — Sheila Covarrubias